Entry Level Training Program The Entry Level Training Program provided by Unified Examiners has made a significant impact on the company's growth. The majority of our staff launched their Asset Based Lending - Field Examination careers by completing our training program. As evidenced by our outstanding employee retention rate, our Entry Level Training Program has proven to be extremely successful.

The Training Program begins with a three-month trial period. Within this training stage, the individual is closely monitored in our effort to determine that our hiring decision was appropriate. Considering the high level of attentiveness, responsibility and volume of information needing to be learned, not all individuals make it through the three-month trial period. Those that do, quickly realize that the position requires much hard work and attention to details. The successful Trainee will, over time, progress through the levels of Junior Examiner, Staff Examiner and eventually to the level of Senior Examiner. Several have progressed even further having attained Regional Manager Positions.

Along with selected members of Unified Examiners staff, the Trainee will work in the field at various clients' premises. Our experienced personnel operate as the Trainee's Mentor where the details of the Asset Based Lending - Field Examination processes are taught on a one-to-one basis. This mentoring process positively impacts the Trainee's progress by providing basic and more advanced learning experiences with a hands-on approach.

Training includes direct contact with the key management personnel of the company assigned for examination. Key personnel include warehouse managers, accounting managers, Controllers, the CFO and the company's President / CEO. This type of exposure requires the Trainee to possess/attain a high level of professionalism, a positive attitude and excellent written and oral communication abilities.

Examination engagements conducted on the respective client's premises can range from several days to several weeks. The completion of an assignment requires the completion of a detailed written report that is distributed to the management of our customer, namely banks and commercial finance companies.

Unified Examiners is receptive to frequent salary actions contingent on the successful development of each individual progressing through our training program.  Our mentors are highly involved in the decision making process as related to the Trainee's advancement and compensation. Compensation enticements for our successful examiners include taking part in the company's Quarterly Profit Sharing Program.